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Rigid Removeable Dressing

Your Rigid Removable Dressing (RRD) will facilitate the healing of your wound, reduce pain and prevent swelling of your limb. It will also help you to develop tolerance to weight bearing and facilitate the shrinkage of your residual limb. The convenience of removal allows for easy dressing changes, bathing and exercising. These are the only times this dressing should be removed. You should aim to wear your RRD for 23 hours per day.

Be sure to follow the guidelines below with your RRD:

Remember to continue applying your wound dressing as instructed by your physician or prosthetist.

Apply the socks provided over the wound dressing, using as many as needed to create a snug fit. Make sure to launder and apply clean socks daily.

Carefully and slowly place the RRD over your socks and dressing; it’s important to make sure the RRD is facing the right direction.

As your limb begins to shrink and mature, you may need to use more socks to keep the proper snug fit. A waist belt and fork strap suspends your RRD, so it’s vital that the RRD is well secured to prevent slipping and maintain contact.