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Artificial Limbs

Innovation in Motion

Monroe BioTechnology has changed the lives of hundreds of people missing upper or lower limb segments. We have the training, expertise, and facilities to create prosthetics that perform beyond expectations:

  • Artificial limbs for upper or lower extremity
  • Computer-aided design
  • Skilled, experienced, on-site fabrication lab
  • Electronic applications for upper and lower extremity
  • Lifelong follow-up

Using our Dynamic Trial Process (DTP), we adapt our designs to fit each patient’s specific, individual needs. First, we develop a trial device that we call “Preparatory” or “Dynamic.” Then, you will use and evaluate the device in your world. With your feedback, we adjust or modify the device, correcting any issues with the fit or function. The result is an optimized system, with components that work comfortably and efficiently. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. DTP ensures our clients will receive successful, long-term performance from their artificial limbs.