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A Comfortable Fit For Life

Fitting a Prosthesis (an artificial limb)

We adapt our prosthetic designs to fit each patient’s specific, individual needs. In our Dynamic Trial Process (DTP), we make a “Preparatory” or trial device that you will then test and evaluate in your daily routine. With your feedback, modifications and adjustments are made to the device to create optimal fit and function. DTP is a step-by-step system that ensures your prosthesis will work comfortably and efficiently. Of course, we’ll be here for you for repairs and maintenance, making sure everything continues to perform properly for you.

Fitting an Orthosis (orthopedic brace)

In the fitting of an orthosis, the physician and orthotist work together closely. After receiving the doctor’s prescription, your clinician will conduct an evaluation. The data gathered from these steps will determine the design of the orthosis.

Typically, an impression is taken of the limb or body part to be treated. That impression is then modified and an orthosis is fabricated over the model. The device is then applied to the patient, tested, and modified until it is a comfortable fit. Follow-up adjustments are made to ensure continued comfort and results.